Should security vote be scrapped?


Despite the allegations that security vote is abused by the executive, I think security vote is still very important. Security vote helps a chief executive to settle some security challenges that are outside the knowledge of the public and the media. It helps a chief executive to keep the country or a state safe. To me, it is a worthwhile budget. Members of the public may not fathom what is it all about but it is important to know that a chief executive needs it.

The question is – would we rather want a state where everybody shoots at anybody because we think security vote is not important? Do we imagine how bad it would be if we say the executive should not have access to security vote?

I reckon there is the need for accountability. But statecraft is not an all comers’ affair. It is not for everybody to know everything that is happening. There are things that are not for the public to know. There are things that should be in the public domain. Democracy is not about disclosure all the time. Democracy needs secrecy to survive. There are things that should be secretly done.

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