Civil Society groups have condemned the re-arrest of the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Mr. Nnamdi Okonkwo, describing it as unjust, unfair and uncivilized.

The groups, Campaign Against Impunity as well as Initiative for Public Safety, Security and Educational Development in Nigeria (IPSSED NETWORK) have described the re-arrest of the Managing Director as a travesty of justice, insisting that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) erred by re-arresting the Managing Director who was carrying out his duty as a banker by getting funds for the bank.

The groups maintained that investigations in the banking institutions in developed climes were done discreetly unlike in Nigeria where investigation was always done on the pages of the newspapers.

According to the scribe of the Campaign Against Impunity, Shina Loremikan, ‘’It is nothing but a travesty of justice and such should not be encouraged in Nigeria. Every now and then, EFCC officials are always on the necks of these bankers simply because they collect funds from Nigerians like themselves. Tell me, is it a crime to collect money from a customer?

Loremikan continued, ’’These people collected funds and funds can come from anywhere, but their own duty is to collect funds and deposit in their bank. At least, no one has said they have stolen from the coffers of the bank and we see this as a travesty of justice and we call on all well-meaning Nigerians to rise up and defend them because another person may be picked tomorrow. ‘’

‘’The way EFCC is going, we may not have banks again tomorrow because the slightest adverse report on a bank can wreak havoc on our economy and if EFCC pounces on all the banks in the name of kangaroo arrest, I am sure our economy is going into a comatose state.’’

Speaking in the same vein, the National Coordinator of IPSSED Network, Emeka Nwanevu  said the arrest was a direct attack on the Igbos. It will be very unfortunate for the Buhari administration to sustain this impression, as being against the Igbos since inception.

He said, ‘’The Buhari administration has seen very little of whatever is right with the Igbos since it came into power. Apart from neglecting Igbos in the composition of his administration. I hope that the latest effort is not to decimate everything that has links directly or indirectly with the Igbos.

‘’We all know that Fidelity Bank enjoys a very roboust support from the Igbos and this is another attempt to rubbish us and this is clearly unfair, unjust and inhuman. This is not good for the administration with its obvious consequences. This government should be fair to all concerned. Mohammadu Buhari is the President of the nation and should be seen as one. He should take care of all of us like a father would do to his children.’’