New Visa Entry Requirements In SA Causes Drop In Tourism Rates


The new requirement for Visa to South Africa states that anyone who travels with someone under the age of 18 must present an unabridged birth certificate at port entry as well as a passport and visa. These regulations are intended to counter human and child trafficking, but are now turning well-meaning visitors away.

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In a bid to gather biometric information through fingerprints, a new requirement has also been put into place which requires international visitors apply in person for their visa to South Africa. The processing centres for South African tourism, however, are often too far away from the residence of potential visitors to be a viable option.


It is safe to say that South Africa has lost 150,000 international visitors as well as $128 million when compared with the first quarter of 2014. According to the head of an industry body, the new visa rules will cost the tourism industry $540 million in yearly revenue.


According to South African tourism minister, Derek Hanekom, the new laws have been placed under review. The South African-based BRICS think tank has suggested regulations which are less stringent and encourages international tourism once again.