Reps to Fed Govt: replace 23,000 ghost workers with jobless youth


House to probe public officers receiving multiple salaries

House of Representatives has urged the Federal Government to replace the discovered 23,000 ghost workers with unemployed youth.

This followed the adoption of the prayers of a motion brought under matters of urgent public importance by Dickson Tarkighir (Benue -APC).

Tarkighir, while moving the motion, explained that since the government system had demonstrated the financial capacity to withstand the pressure of catering for 23,000 plus none existing workers, it should be able to engage such number of unemployed youth.

His words: “I am not in doubt of the many curriculum vitae my colleagues have continued to collect from schooled, but jobless constituents.

“This House has the identity of one commitment, which is to ease the plight of Nigerians and of our youths especially.

“We will, therefore, be living the essence of our stewardship, if we once again show them that we care about their welfare and progress.

“There is no task more honouring than that. When ghost workers were discovered, we spoke out vehemently asking that Nigerian youth, eager and willing to work are made to replace ghost workers,” he said.

According to him, 23,000 workers drawn from each state and Abuja will give each state about 621 employees.

The lawmaker added: “This is about 14 persons per local government. From Kano State that has 44 local governments, it’s about 27 applicants off the unemployed cadre. From each of the 23 local governments of Benue State, it’s about 36 applicants off the street.

“Do the Mathematic per state, Federal constituency and you will have a grasp of what effect the decision of this House on this day shall have on the nation.”

Urging the House to come to the aid of unemployed Nigerians, Tarkighir reminded his colleagues of the target of President Muhammad Buhari’s administration as concerning the creation of jobs for about three million applicants.

Also yesterday, the House agreed to investigate the number of people holding more than one public office and receiving benefits from such offices in the Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDA).

The resolution of the House was sequel to the adoption of a motion by Abdulahi Faruk (Kebbi-APC).

Faruk, in the motion, said huge amount of money was being spent to maintain public officials to the extent that about 70 per cent yearly budget was allocated for recurrent expenditure to the detriment of other developmental projects.

He said: “There is a need to put an end to the illegal and unjust enrichment of such individuals with public funds to the detriment of millions of other Nigerians, especially at this period of fall in oil price.”

The House Committee on Public Services Matters was mandated to conduct investigation to determine the number of Nigerians holding more than one public office and report its findings within four weeks.