This Blackface, 2 Baba Matter Sef…


As a die-hard fan of the Plantation Boiz, getting to know the three musical musketeers was one of my best experiences. But it seems since the divorce of the three, Blackface has shown to the world that he’s confused and looking for the eye of a needle to pass through. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM writes on his recent escapades.

After the separation of the plantation Boiz, 2face and Blackface were those who people thought would be the next generation of artistes to open doors for many today. Though it really happened that way as during their time together, Blackface and 2face were the main vocalists while Face was considered the underdog.

Even as they continued as solo artistes, Blackface released lots of hits that up until now, could compete favourable with any song in the country. Even 2face and others had no choice then than to liaise with him as he featured lots of artistes due to his genre and approach on ghetto gospel.

Blackface tried everything he could to bring up some upcoming artistes who he featured and also had hits with. On the way, they parted ways and even had bitter spats which led to some of the artistes calling each other names.

As the days went by, the reign of a great artiste like Blackface started dwindling with the report of his wife allegedly leaving him after it was confirmed he couldn’t foot his bills. The stories were all over the media and it made lots of waves.

Before we could say Jack, Blackface forgot about singing the inspirational music his fans knew him for, he accused his brother and friend 2face of stealing the song “African Queen” after years of release. He also went ahead and released his own version of “African Queen” which nobody has heard anything of.

Furthermore, he released a great single ‘Erema’ which is typical of what he was known for. Everyone scrutinised the song including yours truly. It was concluded by critics that that would be his breakthrough and a great comeback, but it was not meant to be. He then went AWOL.

Like a man who had just woken up from his sleep, a friend brought a music CD and said “ I know you are a fan of this guy but I’m really embarrassed that this guy could stoop so low to do such a video with this lady that sang Segeme. It is like they shot the video inside a refuse bin with a phone” he revealed even before reviewing the song.

The video was a far cry from what a novice would feature in. The video was the wackiest of all wack videos. Little wonder nobody heard about it again.

Recently, the artiste came back again, fighting and quarrelling with anybody he finds on his way, especially his younger colleagues in the industry. Recent developments have shown that if care is not taken, this could degenerate into something bigger. Though if he were someone like Skiibi (the resurrected artiste), critics would have said it was a media stunt. But Blackface is not an artiste clamouring for media attention because he already has it; he’s just confused and angry that he’s not really getting what he has planned for himself. So he’s taking it on anyone he comes across.

The news that the ex-Plantation Boiz singer accused Wizkid of stealing songs from not only Dammy Krane, but also from him didn’t go well with fans and foes. They spat on his already dwindling fame and accused him of looking for unnecessary relevance. The painful part of it all was when the singer accused his former band mate, 2face of stealing his song again. And that was what broke the camel’s back. He received backlash from not only his fans, but also from fans of 2face and colleagues in the industry, especially, Peter Okoye of Psquare.

In a series of tweets, he claims that the song, “Let Somebody Love You” is his song and 2face who performed the song with international act, Bridget Kelly, did so without his permission. He also insinuated that he would be taking the issue to court. But we have to ask, the song was released in 2014, why did it take him so long to come forward and stake his claim? His dwindling fame shouldn’t be a challenge to him, and he shouldn’t take his anger on everyone because they are not responsible for his problems. He should rather restrategise and look for good promoters and sensible people to work with him so that this confusion can finally stop! An artiste who knows what he wants can do whatever to keep the pace and not to continue HBD mouthing and accusing people of stealing lyrics. If you are good as an artistes, you will never accuse someone of stealing your song, because the same thing you were pondering, someone else is also pondering it at that same time. It is left for the first person to bring out the idea. So please Blackface, stop all this blame game and focus on your fame crave.