Naira devaluation not hindering studies abroad …as Nigerians storm Canadian Education Fair


Despite the fact that the value of Naira has continued to go down against the major currencies in the world, especially the US Dollar and Pound Sterling, many Nigerian youths are still preferred to study abroad, especially in Europe and America not minding the financial implications. This position was further confirmed at the Canadian Education Fair held in Lagos last week. Just as it happened during the previous editions, students and parents in their hundreds stormed the twoday event held at the Federal Palace Hotel on Victoria Island. Some even were there with their academic credentials to find out if they were suitable for admission in any of the 41 schools whose representatives were around.

They expressed belief that not only is the standard of education in Canada far better than that of Nigeria, those who study in Europe and Canada in particular, would have better knowledge, skills and exposures that would make them globally competitive at graduation. Funsho Ajayi, who left secondary school two years ago, was at the fair. He was with his West African Senior School Certificate Examination result which showed credit passes in seven subjects including English Language and Mathematics. He told National Mirror that his dream since he was in secondary school had been to travel abroad to study Medicine. And that has been why he does not bother, according to him, to seek admission at home.

“I just want to leave this country to further my education,” he emphasised. Although, he didn’t have a particular school in mind to go as he moved from one stand to another for enquiry, he is quite sure that he would be “a hot cake” anywhere in the world as a Canadian degree holder. Based on what he described as reliable information, Funsho explained that international students in Canada have the opportunities to work while studying and a better chance to secure resident permit and employment after graduation than any other country in the world. He noted that his father was very passionate about him studying abroad and in Canada in particular and because of that, had assured of sponsoring him. Like Ajayi, Agbeyigbe Anire, an SS2 student of King’s College, Lagos, wants to further his education abroad after completing his studies at the nation’s premier unity college hopefully next year. He was at the fair with some of his classmates and seniors. He also wants to study Medicine and specialise as a neuro-surgeon back home in Nigeria.

Although, he could not explain in-to-to what he knows about Canadian education, Agbeyigbe has made to believe like many of his contemporaries that schools in country like Canada would offer high-quality education and give better exposure to students than those in Nigeria. “So, I am here to know the requirements to study Medicine in Canada. And this will also aid me to study very hard and pass my WASSCE in flying colours,” he said, noting that money wouldn’t be a problem once he is able to have good result as his parents had promised to take the bill. But unlike Ajayi, Agbeyigbe and many of their mates from schools like Chrisland, Jextoban at the fair, Mr. Raymon Ogbu came to there on behalf of his son who is preparing for the forthcoming WASSCE scheduled for between May and June. He believes so much in his children having higher education abroad. “I have two children and unfortunately the older one didn’t have the opportunities