Buhari canvasses global action against terrorism, refugee crises


PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari, attending the Support Syria donor Regional Conference in London, United Kingdom, canvassed global support for countries, whose populace was suffering humanitarian crises caused by terrorism and civil strife.

In an address to the conference, Buhari made an allusion to the devastation caused by Boko Haram in Nigeria, maintaining that without collective support and assistance from all well-meaning countries, companies and organisations, the humanitarian catastrophe affecting millions of people in countries like Nigeria and Syria cannot be successfully addressed.

The President noted that the increasingly complex and inter-connected security challenges faced by the global community necessitate increased international cooperation in pursuit of effective solutions.

He strongly condemned the continuing violence by terrorists against innocent civilians, abuse of human rights and destruction of public and private assets and cultural heritages in Nigeria, Syria and other countries of the world.

The President told the gathering that having gone through a civil war and terrorist insurgency, Nigeria understands the pains inflicted on the people of Syria and the hardship that innocent civilians suffer in the hands of misguided elements.

Buhari urged all parties involved in the Syrian conflict to seek a peaceful resolution, saying that only a political solution could bring the ongoing tragedy in the country to an end.

Concluding his address, the President expressed Nigeria’s immense sympathy for the people of Syria.

“We all stand in solidarity with them. Despite the magnitude of our own challenges and the increasing stress on our economy, I reaffirm our Government’s commitment to support and assist the war-affected people of Syria,” he said.

Source:  http://nnu.com.ng/buhari-canvasses-global-action-against-terrorism-refugee-crises#sthash.VvMrljhN.dpuf