CSR: The Quadrant Company Visits Little Saints Orphanage


Wednesday 6th January, leading PR firm, The Quadrant Company commenced what promises to be a landmark change and most rewarding business year with a visit to the Little Saints Orphanage in Lagos.  Apart from lending a helping hand to the less privileged to bolster  its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, this might also be aimed at giving the company a new face and disposition as its prepares for a change of global affiliation and business alignment.   This might not be unconnected with Troyka Holdings – TQC’s parent company’s which enters into the final phase of making formal pronouncement of its change of alignment having ditched the Martin Sorrel’s  WPP network of agencies to pitch its tent with  Paris based Publicis global network of agencies.  TQC also recently dropped its technical alignment with Fleischman Hilliard just like other  agency members of the Nigeria’s frontline communications group, it is likely to announcement a new relationship with Publicis groupe’s Public affairs /corporate communications and events arm MSLGROUP within the next couple of months.