Microsoft, SA demonstrate usefulness of technology


microsoftSignal Alliance and Microsoft have demonstrated to businesses how mobile technology models on productivity, mobility and security can make them more efficient and profitable in 2016.
Due to the current technology trend, businesses are beginning to learn more about ways mobile technology can be used to increase their productivity and lead to increased profitability.

The growth of adoption of these technologies in Nigeria and other parts of the world has many business managers wondering how to position their firms to benefit from this trend.

The drive for mobility is part of the business technology agenda for most companies. However, in a business rather than personal context, more types and complexity of information are needed, ranging from access to documents and presentations, to status on initiatives and processes, and for specific application needs to perform various business intelligence functions.

The Head of Operations at Signal Alliance, Sikiru Abass, said, “Anywhere access to company’s tools is paramount to most companies to help increase the productivity of their employees. It is also being observed that today’s employees have at least one Internet enabled device to consume companies’ resources.

“For this reason, companies need to ensure all communication between unmanaged devices and the companies’ information is secure and safe.”

She added, “This is what a mobility solution offers. It helps manage devices that are not within the security boundary of an organisation and ensure corporate data saved on employees devices are safe in the case of theft or loss of the device(s). It also provides integration among applications for seamless users’ access experience and ultimately enhances the company’s efficiency in service delivery.”

In her contribution, Microsoft Partner Business and Development Manager, Unoma Adeyemi, encouraged participants to engage more and understand that with the global knowledge of Microsoft across different verticals, “their various solution and service are flexible enough to meet the unique requirement of different businesses.”

She said, ‘A key benefit of mobile technology is that it allows your staff to use company data and resources without being tied to a single location. Whether they are on the road to meetings, working from customer’s sites, out on sales calls, or from home anywhere, mobile devices can assist them keep in touch, make use of company resources and be productive.”