Aero, FAAN bicker over airport ladder incident


Passengers-disembark-from-Aero-plane-using-ladderPassengers-disembark-from-Aero-plane-using-ladderThe management of Aero Contractors Airline has said it is not responsible for the unfortunate incident that occurred on Saturday in which passengers of a chartered flight disembarked from its aircraft using a ladder.

The airline said on Monday that it was assured of adequate ground handling services by the Bauchi Airport Manager before it embarked on the flight from Abuja with its B737-500 series with registration 5N-BLG.

Addressing journalists at its head office in Lagos on Monday, the Accountable Manager and Acting Managing Director, Aero, Capt. Russell Lee Foon, stressed that the airline’s Head of Ground Operations, Mr. Peter Omata, confirmed the handling of the flight through the airport manager, Mr. H. Abubakar, and that he also confirmed on many occasions the availability of the air stairs and the cost.