NPAN to Senate: Don’t consider anti-social media bill



The attention of the NPAN has been drawn to a so called Bill for an Act to Prohibit Frivolous Petitions and Other Matters Connected Therewith currently being considered in the Senate of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The NPAN urges the National Assembly to cease and desist from considering or  passing any laws seeking to abridge constitutionally  guaranteed  free speech as such laws will not only be unconstitutional, they  undermine our system of democracy and the rights we all fought for.

We cannot because of a few irritations on the social media seek to clamp down on the rights of citizens to freely hold and share opinion on any platform.

We believe any untruths should be confronted by facts not laws, and indeed the Freedom of Information Act should be enhanced to promote more openness in governance.

Very many thanks


President NPAN.

President NPO.