Office of the Senate president denies plans to gag social media


Read the press statement from the office of the Senate president below…

Clarification on false claim that Senate passed a bill proposing to jail
social media users for two years. The bill being made reference to, is
An Act to Prohibit Frivolous Petitions and Other Related Matters, which absolutely makes no mention of jailing social media users.

Senator Na’Allah’s bill seeks to make illegal, the common act of
individuals sponsoring frivolous petitions to tarnish/blackmail public
servants or political office holders for selfish purposes.

Office of the Senate president denies plans to gag social media

The bill also
seeks to make it a requirement for petitioners to depose to an
affidavit in court which will must be attached to any petition. Where
such petition is discovered to be frivolous, or mischievous or the fact
there in are false, the proposed bill makes it a case of perjury which
is an offense under the law.

The  Deputy Senate leader in his submission expressed concern that with
such frivolous petitions, the right of an individual to be presumed
innocent until proven guilty by a competent court, would have eroded
such presumption of innocence as these petitions lead to media trials
that hampers the rule of law.

In the developed societies and in particular, the US, if one files a
petition with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or any other
government agency, aimed at defaming someone, ruining their reputation
or family and such petition is discovered to be false, such a person
will be held liable and would pay dearly for it.

One can only imagine that if countries allowed dishonest elements to
file petitions against their opponents without having to hold them
accountable, this will amount to impunity.

Please find attached the lead debate to the said petition.

Bamikole Omishore
SA New Media
President of The Senate